Our Approach


Pacesetter Financial Group works with you to build and preserve your wealth. With emphasis on the long-term, our services are designed to secure your financial well-being. We are dedicated to delivering advice in a confidential manner, consistent with your needs and goals.

Each of our clients has unique goals and objectives. We help some plan for retirement, some for college funding, and others for business or estate issues. Every client has different goals, time horizons, and risk tolerances–we therefore develop individual plans and portfolios for each.

…the process…

We meet personally with you to develop a close relationship and complete a short questionnaire which helps us to understand the goals, time horizons, liquidity requirements, and risk tolerances that are unique to you and your financial situation. We review your current financial position and investments, and then construct a target portfolio that takes into consideration your goals and risk tolerance level.

Once we have jointly agreed upon an appropriate portfolio, we implement our portfolio recommendations. Assets will be held in custody at a custodial broker-dealer. Pacesetter Financial Group does not have direct access to assets, unless you specifically grant it. Each month, the custodian sends a statement directly to you, detailing the transactions and market value of the holdings in your account.

Quarterly, we send you a personal performance report, which gives a clear picture how your portfolio has performed as a whole. We meet with you as needed to review your portfolio and make adjustments for changes in your financial situation. If your goals have changed, we may modify the asset allocation, as needed. We are, of course, available to meet more often at your request.


Pacesetter Financial Group is a fee-only wealth manager. We are completely independent of all parties that assist us in administering client accounts, which means we can utilize whichever service providers or investments make the most sense for you. We do not receive commissions of any kind, and therefore, we are not pressured to make investment trades to earn fees. We have based our practice as service-oriented and not “sales-driven”. Our clients’ interests come first with us.