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Fourth Quarter Letter to Our Clients: The Randomness of Returns

At the time of our last quarterly letter, there was uncertainty as to who the next President of the United States would be. On November 8, 2016, the less likely scenario played out, and every news outlet was convinced that the stock market would have a negative reaction. Looking at the Futures markets the night of the election, all the negative predictions looked as though Read More →

Third Quarter Letter to Our Clients: Market Returns and Presidential Elections

We decided our quarterly letter to clients may be useful to the general investing public.  Here it is in the form of a blog, including some slides on market returns during election years.  Enjoy!

Let’s Talk About Fees

The subject of fees is one that I dreaded when I first started working in this industry.  I loved talking about the underlying investments we recommend for our portfolios, and I loved talking about the way markets are efficient and work for the end user, namely the client.  But when the subject turned to fees, I got uneasy.  People are entrusting you with their savings, Read More →

Bucking the Trends

As human beings we love to follow trends.  The hot team going into the baseball playoffs is always a favorite for everyone picking a World Series winner.  It is ingrained in our thought process that past performance can be used to predict the future.  This line of thinking is often employed when trying to predict the stock market, which all signs point to being a

Why Should I Hire an Investment Advisor?

When our great country was taking the shape of what it has become today, we had the Hatfield’s and the McCoy’s. In the investment world we have the stock-pickers and the disciplined passive investors. For transparency’s sake, I will disclose now that I fall into the latter group, aligned with the disciplined strategy. In my mind, deciding on an asset allocation (the mix of equities Read More →

Open Letter to the LCHS Student Body and the Community of Lincoln

First off I want to say thank you to this team for an incredible ride the past 4+ months. I had a conversation yesterday regarding how low the lows can be in sport, and seem lower than the highs you experience throughout the journey, sparked by what had just transpired this weekend.

Barron’s Articles about Dimensional Fund Advisors

Earlier this year, Barron’s published both a cover story about Dimensional Fund Advisors and an interview with Eugene Fama and Kenneth French.  We think the articles show great insight about Dimensional’s unique approach to investing. If you haven’t seen the articles yet, call us to request a reprint, or access them online here: Barron’s:  Market Beaters Articles

Better Than Gold

Obviously I am not talking about NFL kickers with my chosen headline, as there is no one better than Gould when it comes to kicking a football.  What I am talking about is investment options for the average investor.  And when that is the topic, there are a whole lot of things better than gold.

Unconventional Wisdom

I remember my first exposure to the stock market, in my high school economics class.  The teacher’s assignment:  take this imaginary money and invest it in the stock market however you see fit.  The person with the most money at the end is the winner.