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Set Your Pace Toward Financial Confidence

Get Clear Financial Advice - Make informed Decisions - Stop Worrying

Find Your Guide

The road to a secure financial future can be difficult and frustrating. You deserve clear financial information and advice so you can set your pace toward financial confidence.

Find a Guide that's Right for You

You want the comfort, confidence, and security from knowing your finances are well-managed.Older married couple feeling confident after financial meeting.

But things just seem to block your path: you don't have the time to do it yourself, you can't seem to find the information you need, or your current advisor just doesn't get you, pushes you to buy, isn't available, or doesn't seem knowledgeable.

It's hard to know who you can trust and what to do with so many competing voices and so many options.

You know what's best for you. You should have access to clear information and advice so you can feel comfortable making informed decisions.

In 1997, we had enough and decided someone needed to be on your side.  We've been building financial relationships on clarity and trust ever since and currently manage over $70 million in invested assets.

Get the clear financial guidance that you need, develop the financial confidence that you want, and find deep feelings of financial security so you can sleep at night.

Find Your Guide

Families and Individuals

Families and individuals across Central Illinois and remotely throughout the United States are on the path to financial confidence and are finding their guide.

Stop feeling information overload...

Get clear answers about:

  • Cash flow and budgeting
  • Insurance and risk management
  • Investment planning and investment management
  • Tax planning strategies
  • College saving plans
  • Retirement planning
  • Estate planning

Annual Cost

Annual Cost Billed Quarterly:

Assets Under Management                               Cost

  • Up to $500,000                                     1.00%
  • Next $500,000                                       .75%
  • Over $1,000,000                                    .50%
  • Bond Funds only                                   .40%

Minimum rate of $75.00 per year, pro-rata.

Contact us if you'd like more information about services or pricing.

Business Owners & Institutions

Business owners and institutions across Central Illinois and remotely throughout the United States are on the path toward financial confidence and are finding their guide.

Don't get call center service once you sign on the dotted line...

Instead get:

  • our availability
  • regular investment reviews completed by us
  • regular meetings where we'll answer your or your employees' questions face-to-face
  • an investment platform built from the ground up specifically for your organization 
  • evaluation of every component that goes into your platform so you get the best value at a reasonable cost.

Based on your size, goals, and structure; you'll get the right service and the right type of investment platform at the right cost so you can have the financial confidence and security that you want.

Annual Cost

Annual costs are based on services needed to manage your particular type of investment platform. 

The average annual cost is typically from 1.0% of assets under management to as low as 0.3% of assets under management depending on your needs, business size, and investments.

Contact us if you'd like to know what platform would be right for you and what your annual cost might be.

The Pacesetter Team

Tired of the mouse guarding your cheese...

At Pacesetter Financial we build our financial relationships on:

  • Advice and Guidance not sales pitches and commissions
  • Clear Communication not financial mumbo-jumbo
  • True Costs and Real Figures not hidden fees and deceptive numbers
  • Comprehensive Solutions not band-aid fixes
  • Our Availability and Attention not voicemail, call centers, and unreturned e-mails
  • Seasoned Credentialed Veterans not college graduates, wanted-ad recruits, or your friend's brother-in-law

We've been providing common sense financial guidance since 1997 and currently manage over $70 million in invested assets.

Find Your Guide

Clayton George, CPA/PFS Photo

Clayton George, CPA/PFS

Financial Advisor/Principal
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Clayton George, CPA/PFS

Financial Advisor/Principal

If you are looking for a guide who has experience and who can shoot you straight answers, Clayton has been offering no-frills advice as a CPA since 1982 and as an owner of Pacesetter Financial Group since it's start in 1997. 

His extensive experience in financial, income tax, estate, business, and investment planning offers those seeking comprehensive guidance a tool chest of resources.

When he's not offering clear and informed advice, he's spending time doing one of his three favorite things - hunting, fishing, or gardening - or preparing if it's the off season. He also doesn't mind relaxing with a good Wisconsin beer or two and playing with his lab -  Boone.

Andy Fitzpatrick, CPA Photo

Andy Fitzpatrick, CPA

Financial Advisor/Chief Operations Officer
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Andy Fitzpatrick, CPA

Financial Advisor/Chief Operations Officer

Andy Fitzpatrick is a down-to-earth analyst and has been providing sensible financial guidance at Pacesetter since 2007.

What's drawn Andy toward clear financial advice was his love of numbers, puzzles, and his care for others' financial well-being. This shines through as he builds custom financial plans that lead you toward your best possible future.

He's just as comfortable guiding individuals and businesses through complex tax, investment, and financial solutions as he is spending time with his family, golfing with friends, coaching grade school basketball, working with his hands on construction projects, or volunteering at his local church.

Kristen Lanning, CFP® Photo

Kristen Lanning, CFP®

Financial Advisor/Chief Compliance Officer
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Kristen Lanning, CFP®

Financial Advisor/Chief Compliance Officer

Kristen is all about the details and getting your advisory experience just right. 

She began her career at Pacesetter in 2001, where her focus was on investment analysis and back-office processing.  Since her start, she's continued to gracefully manage additionally complex tasks so you don't have to. Tasks such as fine-tuning investment portfolio asset allocations, streamlining investment re-balancing and trading, and meticulous efforts to meet compliance of SEC and State securities laws. Kristen is the first person to ask for when it comes to the fine print of investment management.

In her spare time, Kristen focuses on the details of her long-term hobby - DIY remodeling of her family's 150-year-old farmhouse.  Mosaic tiling, refinishing woodwork, and finding the perfect re-purposed fixtures are her pastime of choice.

When she's not working on her house, she enjoys spending leisure time with her family and friends, assisting her church's High School youth group, and finding other outlets for her creativity, such as sewing.


Support Staff Photo

Support Staff

click here to see support staff
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Andy Hayes, CPA

Financial Analyst

Deb Curry, CPA


Jamie Johnston


Jenny Singleton

Administrative Assistant

Patty Guzouskis

Administrative Assistant

Tim Bacus

Financial Analyst

Investment Philosophy

Setting your pace toward financial confidence means focusing on what you can control...

  1. Your Costs - by trading at low cost, with discipline, and only in investments with low annual expenses
  2. Your Risks - by deciding how much of your assets should be in each type of investment, holding some global investments, and by rebalancing those investments when they stray from your choices
  3. Your Behavior - by resisting sensationalism, by managing your expectations, and by staying disciplined through the market's ups and downs
  4. Your Guide - by finding a trusted advisor that is always there to provide clarity, unemotional advice, and encouragement so you can maintain your focus

Lens focusing on path illustrating the focus needed when investing.

Get Your Roadmap to Financial Confidence

You likely have several financial goals and desires — manage your day to day cash flow, invest a portion of your savings for retirement, fund your children's education, have the right kind and amount of insurance, do some estate planning and retirement planning, reduce your taxes as much as possible...It can get overwhelming.

We understand finances are complex. There's a lot to handle and a lot of moving parts. That's why we've developed "The Roadmap to Financial Confidence".  A simple and manageable way to address your financial concerns one-by-one.

Schedule a Meeting

Call or e-mail to set up a free no-obligation initial meeting. You can visit our office, we can come visit with you, or we can set up a video or phone call; whatever is most convenient for your schedule.

Engage in a Discovery Session

Developing financial confidence starts with you, so during your initial meeting, we'll want to get to know your plans, fears, concerns, and where you want some financial clarity. You'll be able to ask us as many questions as you'd like. We're here for you.

Get your Roadmap to Financial Confidence

Once you've shared where you want to be financially, we'll create a "Roadmap to Financial Confidence" that gives you simple clear step-by-step directions on how to get where you want to go.  As time goes by, your life will change and so your "Roadmap" will have to change with you.  We'll be there at every turn as a guide to update your "Roadmap" so you know you're headed in the right direction.

Contact Us

We’re always open to answering your financial questions – no strings attached.

If we're not the right guide for you, that's okay. You should have the freedom to choose your path to financial confidence.