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Social Media Rules of Engagement Policy

Because the financial services industry is highly regulated, there are certain rules Pacesetter Financial Group, LLC needs to follow on social media websites. We ask that you respect these rules as well. Posts and comments that do not comply will be removed from our profiles at our discretion.

  • Pacesetter Financial Group, LLC is a registered investment advisor. Comments and "likes" by visitors to its social media pages should not be considered representative of all client experiences, or indicative of future performance or success. Pacesetter Financial Group, LLC does not solicit endorsements of its investment advisory services via wall comments and "likes".
  • Linking to third-party/external content, including retweeting, is for informational purposes only and does not necessarily represent or reflect the views or opinions of Pacesetter Financial Group, LLC, its affiliates, employees, or advisors. Providing links to third-party content should not be construed as an express or implied endorsement of content.
  • Pacesetter Financial Group, LLC may not be able to respond to your posts. This is not because we aren't interested, but because we must adhere to strict communications guidelines. We will do our best to create a valuable and useful space for you on our social media properties.
  • Please do not post investment advice (like specific stock or fund recommendations), account information, or ask specific financial questions on Pacesetter Financial Group, LLC's social media properties, including the business social media properties of our financial advisors. Contact Pacesetter Financial Group, LLC directly with specific questions. We will be more than happy to help.
  • Posts and comments should be respectful and related to the purpose of the topic at hand. Posts that are inappropriate, disrespectful, inaccurate, off topic, or otherwise do not meet these guidelines will be removed.
  • Current Pacesetter Financial Group, LLC employees may not post comments without permission. Regulations require approval through established channels for any content posted to official Pacesetter Financial Group, LLC social media properties.
  • Pacesetter Financial Group, LLC wants to help you protect your privacy. While we maintain a presence on social media websites, we are not affiliated with them and we cannot control how they or other parties will use the information you share on it. It’s up to you to read and understand the privacy policies and terms of service for each social media platform you participate in. Posts on our social media properties will be reviewed by Pacesetter Financial Group, LLC and treated according to the terms of our privacy notice at pacesetterfinancial.com/disclosures. Our pages are intended for US residents only.
  • Pacesetter Financial Group, LLC welcomes your comments in the form of text and images (“Content”). When you post Content to Pacesetter Financial Group, LLC websites, social media, and other online properties (“Pacesetter Financial Group, LLC websites”), you are granting Pacesetter Financial Group, LLC permission to use, publish, and otherwise modify and distribute your Content without providing attribution or compensation, or obtaining additional consent. By posting Content to Pacesetter Financial Group, LLC websites, you accept and agree to the full terms and conditions set forth in the User-Generated Content Terms of Use. You should not post any Content that you do not wish to license to Pacesetter Financial Group, LLC under the User-Generated Content Terms of Use, including any confidential information, product ideas, or content for which you do not own the copyright. Pacesetter Financial Group, LLC may remove your comments and images for any reason.

Rules of engagement when interacting with Pacesetter Financial Group, LLC advisors:

When you communicate with a Pacesetter Financial Group, LLC advisor on social media websites, there are a few extra rules that you need to know, and that we ask you to follow:

  • Comments and "likes" should not be considered representative of client experiences, or indicative of future performance or success.
  • Advisors very much value client endorsements and referrals and welcome your endorsements or referrals on a face-to-face basis. However, due to industry regulations, they may be unable to accept or display endorsements on social media or websites.
For your privacy, please don't post account or service-related information on an advisor’s social media page or website. Instead, contact the advisor directly.